Summary Of Ther Violence By Police By Rebecca Griffin

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Rebecca Griffin in “Why Don’t White People Believe People of Color About Racism?” discusses how racism is affecting today’s society. Griffin feels there is a lot of police violence toward the colored communities and also feels there is such a thing as white privilege. Griffin also includes in her article that whites cannot or will not believe that the African Americans are being victimized by the government and police because of systemic racism caused by some notion of white privilege. While many may agree with Griffin’s ideas, in the end, she is incorrect because we need to take a look into the bigger picture in this essay and realize it is not only just about one race that is experiencing these issues. The first issue with her article is that Griffin states…show more content…
Griffin makes the assumption that white people default to the fact that it boils down to how we act and that white people refuse to see the racism even with evidence. I would ask Ms. Griffin Where is your evidence? In 2015, according to evidence compiled by the FBI database fifty percent of all police killings were white people while blacks made up only twenty-six percent of police fatality’s. Some may argue that these statistics are evidence of racist treatment toward blacks, since whites consist of sixty-two percent of the population and blacks make up thirteen percent of the population. However, the Bureau of Justice Statistics reveal that blacks were charged with

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