Summary Of Thich Nhat Hanh's Living Buddha, Living Christ

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“When you believe that yours is the only way for humankind, millions of people might be killed because of that idea” quoted from the book I read “Living Buddha, Living Christ”. At first, I though many religionists are stubborn, refusing to accept and understand others’ though and idea from another stream of religion. However, the author of this book have given me a deep insight inspiring me to re-think what true meaning of mindfulness, gratefulness and religion are. One important point here is that the existence of confrontations are not necessarily due to religious things. Actually, provided that people from different background can reach a peaceful platform eventually and recognize the significance of respecting other traditions and culture, a basic peaceful world would be established in a foreseeable time without doubts. Thich Nhat Hanh is the author of the book. In the same time, he is a Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk, poet, peace activist and teacher. Throughout this book, the author shared his own experience on Buddha and Christ, combined with the teachings of these two different religions. He then elaborated the differences and similarities by explaining their same underlying goals despite of two completely different rationale. He also gave us a realization that each life in the world is interconnected as extension of spirit…show more content…
He belittles the important existence of Jesus’ resurrection and set all human beings on the same level as Jesus. However, in my opinion, if Jesus is a person having the same status with most of the human being, how can he be the load of us? If Jesus is not distinguishable from any ordinary people, it opposes the Christians’ mind as they worship Jesus as the Saint. Hanh gave no significant evidence to prove the above point. Hence, it is only a hypothesis his made under his Buddhist
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