Summary Of Thomas Hobbes Theory Of Social Contract

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Summary Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) theory of social contract, which states that we need moral, legal rules because we want to escape the state of nature which is solitary, poor, brutal, nasty, and short. In this state, a man can kill others, and there are limited resources. This can soon lead to a state of war in which we are constantly disposed to harm others to achieve our goals. So, in this state of war if a person was to possess a beautiful house or property, and had all the comforts, luxuries, and amenities to lead a wonderful life; others could come and harm him and deprive him of his fruit of labor, life, and liberty. Therefore, the state of nature is that of fear, violence, and distrust. There is only constant fear of violence and death, and hence the life of man will be solitary, poor, brutal, nasty, and short as Hobbes mentions. So, according to him we need moral and legal rules to help everyone flourish. Everyone must come together and form certain rules, and everyone must agree to these rules. That is to say they enter a sort of some form of social contract. That will mean that they all must give up their liberty to kill each other so that they can receive the benefits of the civilization. For example, we create property rights and farms flourish; we create rules against stealing, and investment and industry blossom; we create military and police to enforce the rules, and the fearful natural state dispels. Rupali 2 The selfish and

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