Summary Of Tim Pegler's Game As Ned

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The concept that children are shaped by the troubles that they are confronted with, and eventually overcome, is explored in the novel ‘Game as Ned’ by the author Tim Pegler. However, not only is it the challenges that shape them, it is also the way they treat others, and vice versa, that affects them. In the story character development is made clear as characters are faced with difference, bullying, injustice and other obstacles. And with each experience, whether a good or bad one, it has the power to change the characters in a significant manner. Throughout his childhood Ned was faced with constant challenges all of which have changed him into what he is, his autism being one of the main obstacles that has impacted him. As he aged Ned…show more content…
He grew up being unkind and thinking that he could get away with anything he did especially when it was announced that he would be becoming a police officer and had been accepted into the academy. But with the arrival of Erin brought a small change to him, as she was willing to stick her neck out for Ned and stand up for him. This ended making him more conniving, no longer willing to stick with his chant of “Neddy, Neddy, never ready; ain’t got nothing in his heady.” (p. 3) but rather resorting to labelling Ned “‘DISTURBED & DANGEROUS’” (p. 155). Nigel’s friends are also a factor that must be considered as they also took part in bullying Ned proving them to not be some of the best people and shaping Nigel in a way. Nigel having “Too much cruelty, too little patience.” Is something that can change him and others that surround him, whether it be him exploding at someone or not, he is a prime example of shaping yourself however not in a positive way. The novel suggests that perhaps it isn’t just the problems children face but rather who they face and surround themselves with and the relations they build that shape them, because without people to cause them how would there be problems otherwise? This concept is paired with the idea that the way the child behaves may affect how they are shaped and influenced by others and may influence people that surround them and it doesn’t always have to be in a good way. So in conclusion it is not just what they go through, it is who they go through and who they are that influence children to be the people they
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