Summary Of Timothy Baghurst's An Examination Of Stress

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Timothy Baghurst writes about “An Examination of Stress in College Students Over the Course of a Semester.” Moreover, having stress as a college student is unavoidable, due to beginning of taking on adulthood and being self-sufficed, plays a role to where college students stress roots from. In this specific study of trying to determine if altering stress levels of male and female college students varied using different processes of reducing stress from the beginning to the end of a semester. Testing participants in a course of a 16-week semester and the overall components, anticipated stress, test anxiety and personal exhaustion when affected by mental-behavioral stress management, cardiovascular fitness, generalized physical activity or a…show more content…
This can ethologically relate to the audience, because at one point everyone goes or has gone through this stage of beginning adulthood in their life. For instance, “However, developmental specialists consider the age range from 18 to 24, categorized as “late adolescence,” to be fraught with issues such as autonomy from parents, leaving home, self-sufficiency, gender identity, internalized moral reasoning, and career choice.” The writer also includes a pathos appeal to the audience by stating, “However, experiences that consistently lead to a negative stress appraisal can cause both physical and psychological problems over time,” this makes the audience feel concerned or saddening for college students that deal with…show more content…
Placing physical stress after psychological effects on stress, ending with the more effective component- physical, creating more of a compelling end thought. After stating the findings, it goes into a logical appeal of research and procedure of the topic to show the audience the reasoning behind it. Stating the facts of the research will prevail to the audience that that the information provided proves its true. This example from the writer shows the audience logical, number percentages, “The PA groups spent approximately 25% of their time in lectures and 75% in activities.” Finalizing the research with the overall results, “the SM and PA groups demonstrated significant decreases in perceived stress, test anxiety, and personal burnout from the beginning to the end of the semester.” Lastly, summing up the article with an overall discussion on the topic, “ Physical activity has been established as an effective means of stress reduction (e.g., Carmack et al., 1999; Nguyen-Michel et al., 2006). Thus, practitioners should consider which method would be the most effective.” Showing the audience the conclusion of the study and what could be further done with the research and where it could be used. Overall, the writer demonstrated each of the appeals; going from an ethos appeal, to a little bit of pathos and ending majority with a logos appeal for the audience to

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