Summary Of Timothy Taylor's The Cay

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Knowledge is somewhat based on intelligence, but do you need to know how to read or write? In the book The Cay, written by Theodore Taylor a historical fiction, a man named Timothy (a West Indian sailor) got stuck on an island with a bratty boy (Phillip). Timothy had saved Phillip’s life, saved him from sharks, and helped him survive even after becoming blind. Timothy was perceived as a stupid man who could not write or read. In chapter eight, Phillip stated “I felt good. I knew how to do something that Timothy couldn’t do. He couldn’t spell. I felt superior to Timothy that day”. (p.72) Yes, Timothy could not write or read but Timothy knew how to make a hut, mats, rope, build a fire, and fish for food. Therefore, Timothy was not only smart but he was wise too.…show more content…
In chapter three, Timothy said, “‘‘Tis best to ‘ave only an outrageous smahl amount. Just enough to wet d’tongue.’” (p.36) Timothy said this not to be mean and keep all the water for himself but to be smart in savoring it for desperate times. He knew they would be on the raft for a while and they would not be found for even longer so he was wise in thinking about the future. Timothy had to have been extremely thirsty after rescuing Phillip. Later in chapter 4, Timothy stated, “‘A crack on d’ead takes a few days to go ‘way.’” (p.45) This quote shows that Timothy had always protected Phillip. He wanted to give Phillip hope because if Timothy said that Phillip would never see again, he would give up and not be hopeful. While others might say that Timothy was stupid in thinking that Phillip would get his sight back. However, he was trying to protect Phillip and not tell the truth because he would be
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