Summary Of To Tell Or Not To Tell By Mary Kate Frank

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Our world is advancing so this means that other unacceptable things will surface and cause problems because we give them the chance to arise. One of the things we can do to make this a better place is tell that someone 's in danger which will end up saving their lives. This relates to the article “To Tell or Not to Tell” which provides examples of when someone didn’t tell when their friends were in danger, so they lost their colleague to negligence. However, there are times when people do tell and they help their friends and possibly save their lives . Although some teens of “To Tell or Not to Tell” by Mary Kate Frank have argued that people don’t speak up because they’d rather not get in trouble or make their friends mad at them, closer examination shows you should speak up because if you don’t your friends could become severely hurt or die due to your actions. “Together with a few friends, Matthew reported what he knew to school administrators, and police ultimately arrested and charged two students involved in the shooting plot.” This sentence from the article is a perfect example of why sometimes it’s a good reason to be a whistle-blower, a whistle-blower is someone who tells for a good purpose. If Matthew decided not to tell them a great deal of lives could have been lost. If Matthew hadn’t told about the shooting, his life could have been cut short and so would many others who went to his school. He wasn’t going to tell originally, but his friends helped him tell

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