Summary Of Tobias Monologue

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Tobias looked out the large window in the front of the house he was staying it. The panes of glass were dirty and cracked in some places. It was in no better shape than the rest of the house. The paint was chipped and faded. What use to be a bright and beautiful robins egg blue was now a muted and pale ghost of what it once was. The once immaculate lawn was now overgrown and had swallowed up anything that had once held memories there before. Fog rolled across the land, enveloping hills and snaking its enigmatic tendrils on the lake across the road from the house. A decrepit boat sat rusted and lonely in the water tied to decaying dock. An ancient wrought iron fence opened and closed in the wind giving an eerie screech. An old swing set sat…show more content…
Part of him knew his family was dead. Part of him hoped they has survived. But in the end the hadn't. He found than dead in the road at the school. They were hit by a car from how it looked. Tobias spent his time being angry but now he was just empty. He was reliving these memories when he heard a loud metallic crashing noise. He looked over too where the noise was and he saw something walking through the early morning fog. He panicked and ran. Tobias hid in a closet. He had only met one other person the 14 years since the bombings. He never knew his name. The man had come into his town and demanded Tobias show him where he kept all his supplies once he had showed him, the man tried to kill him. Out of fear Tobias had shot the man with his dad's old hunting rifle. He didn't think there was anyone else, till now. Tobias knew he couldn't stay hidden so he snuck from his hiding place and grabbed his father's gun. He was scared but he had to know if this person was dangerous or not. He quietly snuck from his house and watched the person walk into his old neighbors house. Silent as a mouse on Christmas morning he slithered over and held the gun behind the persons back. It appeared to be a man, not much older than
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