Summary Of Tobias Wolff's Bullet In The Brain

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Tobias Wolff’s “Bullet in the Brain”, is a short story about man verse man. Anders is a sadistic, murderous tempered man. He is middle aged, and extremely critical given that he is a book critic. Therefore, Anders was censorious about anything and everything. The setting of this story takes place in a bank, and upon Anders arrival it is near closing time and he is already on edge. Anders soon becomes more agitated due to the lack of work ethic from the bank tellers and the two obnoxious women conversing ahead of him. To make matters worse the bank falls silent, and as Anders turns his head to investigate, he sees two armed men enter, wearing ski masks. Anders quickly realizes what is happening and instead of keeping his acid tongue quiet, he continued to flap his gums and draw attention to himself. Within moments he is confronted by one of the armed men, and this is where it begins. “As Ander’s brain fires its last impulses, we learn how the lens of irony had blinded him to what truly matters in life. In the same instant, the bullet that ends his life releases memories that redeem him”, (18-24). The only memory that is prominent to Anders in his final moment is about his…show more content…
“Why for instance, does Anders not find the “Rape of Europa” imitation on the bank’s ceiling to be a gratifying thing? As a literary critic-a custodian of high taste-Anders should have been pleased by the fact that the architect thought it to be suitable to decorate the lobby with classical images rather than something less exalting, less demanding of its patrons”(144-161). This painting is what caused Anders to hysterically laugh, infuriating the robber, which led to his slaying. However, it took Anders being shot in the head to perceive that he could have been a better person. Anders was able to remember the person he once was. This was a memory that mad Anders proud, and fulfilled his empty

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