Summary Of Today's Fail Safe Student

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In the expert from “Today’s fail-safe students”, Scott Carlson addresses a very real issue. Some students have not been exposed to failure, and while that doesn’t sound at all life threatening, it is still something that can have a significant effect. I believe it is important that students experience failure while they are young, the world only gets tougher. Being sheltered by parents from failure won’t last forever. If it happens all throughout their teenage years, once they grow up, the impact of failure might take a bigger toll on them than it would have if they experienced it when they were younger. Experiencing failure might feel like the biggest setback to some people. I know sometimes struggle to pick myself back up. However, it can be necessary to achieving success. With failure, it is easy to realize what you…show more content…
Coleman was not keeping up with his studies effectively, so he failed out of college. All the while Solomon was an outright delinquent. Despite that, they are very different people. Coleman went straight to his parents and they pulled strings to get their son back into college. Coleman was in shock when he realized they had kicked him out, and in that moment, I knew he was sheltered from failure. Never truly understanding that actions have consequences and the older he gets the more serious they become. I am sure that he learned nothing from this and will go back to his lifestyle. As for Solomon, he finally woke up and realized that the path he was on was not a good one and he needed to make a change. With that in mind he rose to the occasion and tried his hardest to get to where he is now; going to community college on a scholarship that covers everything, and being president of the history club. Solomon even says that one should remain focused on their
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