Similarities Between Tom Sawyer And Huckleberry Finn

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1. Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn are close friends. Their mischief is widely known in Mississippi. Tom has absolutely no interest in studying. Therefore He always goofs off and avoids the work that his Aunt Polly gives him. One day, Tom was painting the wall as punishment for telling a lie to his aunt. As he found the chore difficult, he told his friends that painting the wall was the most exciting thing in the world. Then, he asked them to give him something for allowing them to paint the wall. However, meeting with Indian Joe in a cave outside of the town is the most significant incident that has ever happened to Tom. Tom went to a graveyard with Huckleberry Finn in the middle of the night to hang a cat. There, they see an Indian, Joe killing a doctor with a knife. Joe put the knife in the hand of Porter who was on the ground lying drunk. Porter was caught by the police. Tom stood in front of the judge to save old…show more content…
Since the day, Tom and Huck tremble with fear. One day, Tom Becky witnessed Joe in cave. He hid treasures. Finally Joe passes away and Tom becomes rich by discovering Joe 's hidden treasures in the cave. Huck also settles down and goes to school with Tom, but these trouble makers still play practical jokes and gets themselves in trouble. While I read this story, I was deluding myself that I venture with a mischievous boy in reality. This book is good enough to touch all boys heart. If I can meet Tom, I want to ask him, “How could you do such clever and cute!” Tom Sawyer’s adventure criticizes hypocrisy of adult that hidden at the back of elegant appearance in child’s eyes.
2. Tom Sawyer and Huck fount a lot of money that robbers stole and hid in a secret place, after that they were rich, and then they were famous for a while. The Widow Douglas took him to live in her house and said he could be her son. She was very nice and kind. She wants to have Huck’s money. Huck living with Douglas wasn’t too bad. And also Miss. Watson, who lived with her and Huck, always didn’t let him do as he pleases. Huck thought it terrible. Huck had lived freely without any formality or rules, to endure. About that time his father
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