Summary Of Tribute To Mary Neil Reck

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This book is tribute to Mary Neil Reck by the Coronado Club of Houston. . In 2003 Mary Neil died from the effects of breast cancer and the sale of this book was distributed to several breast cancer charities and The Mary Nell Reck Culinary Scholarship in her honor. This book contains many varieties range of recipes from appetizers, salad, eggs, and poultry to desserts. It mostly contain western food near the west coast. Published by the Coronado Club Publications in September, 2004. Mary Neil Reck was born in 1944 in Houston, died in 2003 dues to breast cancer. She work for the Houston community for more than 30 years. She taught cooking classes, wrote a popular cooking column, lectured, and owned several restaurants. She started out as a cooking instructor at her home later opening her own cooking school, LA Cuisine, in 1973. It is located in the…show more content…
It has a simple and plain look which gives it a classic view. The instruction was very direct and easy to understand. They’re not much picture involve with the recipe mostly are pictures of ingredients than the finish dishes. The book use American measurements. Author use many common herb and vegetable that could easy be obtain all around the seasons. Many of the recipes use exotic ingredient like quail, buffalo, or pheasant which are harder to obtain in California. Many of her recipes use pheasant which are more common in the West Coast. Some of the more common ingredients that are used are: shrimp, chicken, asparagus, mushroom, lemon and spinach. I like how the book was display and the layout of the recipes. It has a little column on the side explaining some of the ingredient and it usage. The structure of the book was plain and easy on the eye. It has an antique and professional feel to it. This book could be brought on Amazon, online or any bookstore. It cost from $3.99 for used to new one for about
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