Summary Of Trudeau's Liberal Party Speech

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This essay looks to discuss Trudeau’s Liberal party campaign kickoff speech and its usage of emotions. The essay begins with an overview of the speech and then looks in to see to what degree the speech uses emotional appeals. Next, the essay discusses and evaluates the four emotions presented in the speech; anger, fear, friendliness, and inspiration. The essay then concludes with a short discussion on the relationship between emotions and politics. Trudeau begins his speech by announcing the beginning of the Liberal party’s campaign . From here he claims that Canada is struggling economically, as the middle class is struggling. He states that Canada’s wellbeing is directly tied to the wellbeing of the middle class. As such …show more content…

The speech has us feel four emotions; anger, friendliness, inspiration, and fear. Let’s start with anger. The emotion itself is directed towards Harper. As the Prime Minister, the current state of affairs is directly related to his ideas, and thus if it is not to our liking it’s his fault. Following from this idea, Trudeau has us become angry with Harper. He states that the Canada’s current economy unfairly treats the middle and working classes, as they work more than before and yet make less . Since Harper is the Prime Minister it is then his fault. Thus, Trudeau has us feel anger towards Harper, as the failed economy is due to Harper. How effective was this appeal. Trudeau begins his speech with this appeal. This causes the appeal to feel rushed. Trudeau attempts to make us feel emotional, yet he not really said anything of substance just yet. This then undermines the appeals effectiveness, as it does not come across smoothly. Furthermore, Trudeau has a target audience of for his appeal, the middle and working classes. Those who identify as such should quickly begin to feel the desired emotion. However, this means that those outside of these two classes may not feel the emotions, as it goes beyond their scope of understanding. Therefore, this appeal is undermined by its timing and its

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