Summary Of Two Ways To Belong In America

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“Two ways to belong in America“ is a story written by Bharati Mukherjee. Story about two sisters who moved to the United States in the 1960’s. Both sisters moved to United States in hope to pursue their dreams and to achieve they goals with college and further education. Both having similarities in appearance and religious values. Both Bharati and her sister Mira had planned to move back to their homeland India after their education, to marry the men that their father had chosen for them. As story progresses their plans fell trough when each sister had married man that they met in college. Mira married an Indian student and Bharati married Canadian man. Each sister takes differently to one and other’s lifestyle. One wants to continue the Indian heritage and the other wants to create a new…show more content…
Finding new friends, looking for work. Slowly striving to achieve goals I have set. In United States I came up to understanding of true values in my Life. Now I can just drive with my shorts to the grocery store. When back home everyone was showing to they neighbors of wearing nice and expensive clothes they have just for then minutes while they going to the grocery store behind the corner. Like models on runway. Simple example buying top brand cars on last family money, or in credit and not having enough money to put gas in the car so it will be standing for 3-5 months until police with bank are repossessing the car for not making payments. I was showing only examples of people values in they life and how much they care for what people around them will think or say.

Transformed from Naïve to grow up man, changed perception of life. I was mad on my parents for my inexperience first couple years. Finally realized they were trying to give me everything what was in they power. That was simple way of my parents showing love, and how much they care for
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