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Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption is a novel written by Laura Hillenbrand based on the life of Louis Zamperini. Zamperini grew up in Torrance California, he grew up with his older brother Pete, and two younger sisters Virginia and SylvIn. In school Louis was a troublemaker and outside of school wasn’t much better. His brother Pete foresaw the future and knew if the younger Zamperini didn’t straighten out he would live a less than desirable life. Noticing that his younger brother was quick at running away when he caused trouble, Pete who was on the high school track team introduced the his little brother to running. The Zamperini brothers started running together, Pete would whip Louis if he stopped. After…show more content…
Shortly after getting married Louis began to heavily drink due to his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that brought back terrifying flashbacks of his war experience. Cynthia became unhappy and wanted a divorce because of Louis’ drinking problem. Louis began a turn around when he was invited by his wife to a revival meeting with Billy Graham, an evangelist Christian preacher. The meeting helped ease the pain from his imprisonment, Louis had the courage to quit drinking, his nightmares began to disappear, and he began to forgive for what had happened to him. Louis’ life had completely changed and that's what he began to do. Louis travel the US sharing his story and becoming a Christian inspirational…show more content…
As Hillenbrand lays out these themes for the reader it is easy to apply them to their own life. The book helps younger generations understand World War II and wars so they understand the consequences. This will help the future leaders of the United States make educated decisions on war. Fighting wars not for personal gain but rather the betterment of a people.
In 2015 Unbroken was made into a motion picture and directed by Angelina Jolie. More often than not when a book reaches popular status and is created into a film, people feel the need to write reviews or tell display their personal response. Of course, because of its popularity the Unbroken has had numerous reviews some praising the book as a must read, others saying it is a waste. With every book comes positives and negatives and Unbroken is full of them. In Unbroken, Hillenbrand did many things to make his novel popular. One thing Hillenbrand did was retell an exceptionally interesting story that follows the incredible story of Louis Zamperini for the readers. The story itself is very interesting and full of intense and well described material. Some people are oblivious of the details of what the Louis and other POW’s endured and Unbroken illustrates some of the hardships that POW’s faced. With lots of literary devices and good description Unbroken is a good book. The book is good, but not perfect, there

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