Summary Of Uncle Tom's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe

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1st Period In Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe’s point that she was trying to get communicate in Uncle Tom’s Cabin is that slavery should be abolished. She communicated this by showing the reader how brutal and callous humans can be, how hard it was for blacks to become free, and how loyal some slaves were despite the fact that they were treated as if they were property. One way Stowe showed that slavery should be abolished is by showing the reader the brutal treatment of the slaves. Stowe included how slave owners like Master Simon Legree work their slaves to death and buy more slaves for cheap, repeating this cycle over and over(Ch 31). Tom was sold at an auction to Master Legree after Master St. Clare is killed(Ch 30). One of…show more content…
This allowed the reader to see that slaves were humans and should be treated as humans and not like property. Tom stayed instead of running away like Eliza and her son, Harry, did when Mr. Haley came to take them for Mr. Shelby’s debt. Tom stayed because of his loyalty to the Shelbys. Stowe mentioned Eliza wondering if mothers, meaning white mothers, would do the same for their child if they were in danger, when Eliza had been running with her child, Henry in her arms. Eliza did what she thought was best to keep her child safe and ran away so they would not be separated(Ch. 4). A woman had jumped overboard and committed suicide because she and her son had been separated, she had not even been made aware that her son had been sold until her son was already gone(Ch. 12). This shows the women showing sorrow and depression which is a human feeling. Tom helps save a young girl by jumping in after her when she loses her balance and falls overboard(Ch. 14). If he had not had human feelings he would have let her drown and would not have even attempted to save her. Tom even admits he could steal money from Mr. St. Clare, if he was dishonest, but Tom is honest and loyal and is not tempted to steal(Ch. 18). Tom also tells St. Clare he needs to be as good to himself as he is to others, after seeing St.
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