Summary Of Utilitarianism In Repent Harlequin

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Repent, Harlequin: Utilitarianism This is the story about a world where people behave like machines, and are expected to do their assigned duty on time. People in this world face the basic idea of what Utilitarianism is, which is consequences. Everyone is being supervised by time keeper, and if for every time someone is late for their work, the Ticktockman takes out that time from their life. At some point, a person’s heart can be stopped based on Ticktockman order for being late. In this world, there is one person, Harlequin who completely disagrees with the rules. He believes that people don’t like to be controlled by Ticktockman. He believes that if they didn’t have the fear of losing their life, they would have been much happier in their life. Therefore, he takes initiative to throw a lot of jelly beans on the streets, which interrupted everyone’s schedule by 7 minutes. That was his way of speaking up and doing something for the better of everyone. However, that was against Ticktockman’s belief of what the good is. The reason why it is hard to look at this story from Utilitarianism perspective is that Utilitarianism’s main idea is to make choices for the greatest happiness for the greatest number. It is hard to define what the word “good” means. According to Harlequin going against society’s rule, and freeing people from Ticktockman’s fear is the greatest good. On the other hand, for the Ticktockman, punish one person to make other understand the consequences of being
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