A Summary Of Valmiki's Sita

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Valmiki’s conception of Sita has no match with any other woman. She has been portrayed as the woman of beauty, endurance, compassion, fidelity, wisdom, courage, who was very tender at heart. The character of Sita holds a great position in the hearts of millions of women in India. Sita is known for her faithfulness which shows her devotion to duty in all her troubles of life. The tale of Sita is a tale of womanly faith which charmed and fascinated the Hindu people. Many poets have elevated the character of Sita to great heights and have given a glimpse of her character. She has been an embodiment of truth, love and devotion. Srinivas Shastry in his lectures on Ramayana gives more emphasis on the characters. While speaking about Sita, he is of…show more content…
She was the chief queen but never enjoyed the pleasures of a queen. She was deceived by her husband and was always looked down in comparison with Kaikeyi. She was a queen who never believed in pomp and grandeur. She was extremely dutiful and submissive yet her married life was an extremely unhappy one. The birth of Rama though bought her happiness but that was short lived as Kaikeyi gave birth to Bharata during the same time. Dasharatha repents for his deceiving nature towards Kausalya only after Kaikeyi’s reluctant behavior. He confesses his feeling in front of…show more content…
Of all the wives she is regarded as the most beautiful one. She had a unique character of stubborn nature and very proud of herself. She thought nobody was as beautiful as she was and very much interested in dressing herself to attract the king. She had abilities, talents of a kind, but she abused them for self-boasting.She was by temperament inclined to dictate over people. She loved power and whoever came under her shadow regretted it. She was a great character who was jealous, cruel and told lies. She was so adamant in her decisions, that, even when Dasharatha begged to take back her words, she refused it ignoring the consequences. The affection she bore at first for Rama is to be exchanged with her character later. Valmiki has portrayed her character as a woman with dual

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