The Great War Movie Analysis

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After the Napoleonic wars, Europe was finally at peace. Although there was not an ongoing war, European nations continued to rapidly advance their militaries. Military ships were built with steel and steam instead of wood and sails, railways constantly being constructed, and rifles were introduced to soldiers. All of this was a result of the growing military power all over Europe. Eventually, when the time for war came no amount of preparation could have helped the devastation the countries of Europe faced. Millions of men were killed in what was called the “Great War” and they left behind loved ones who would suffer just as much. The wives, children, parents, cousins, and aunts left behind faced a horror they could not fathom. A first person account, written by Vera Brittain and turned into a film, allows the reader to look through the eyes of someone who has lost a fiance, brother, and friend in the war. The movie helps to reinforce the idea from class that everyone was affected by this war and it takes the statistic from the textbook and gives it a face and a name. A first person narrative helps to create…show more content…
Hearing the words “I” or “we” helped to humanize the stories she was telling. When a friend explains a story, they tell it in a first person point of view and a person connects more personally when it is explains in that way. An example of this is Vera received word word from Rolland that they would soon be married and he had a surprise for her. The watcher felt the joy and was elated with Vera. Then when news of Rollands death was discovered, the audience felt the anguish and sympathized more with Vera because they saw the story from her view. A first person point of view helps to create a bond to either the events that happen within the story or the character
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