Summary Of Veterans Day By Mary Jorgens

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The book, Veterans Day by J.J. Jorgens emphasizes the plight of neglected veterans in the United States of America. It presents a story about Mary Jane Morris, a female private detective. One Halloween night, she received an urgent voice message from her ex-partner, Davy, and she rushed to his office only to find him dead. Altogether, it looked like Davy committed suicide, but Mary Jane's instinct told her that there was more to her ex-partner's death. She felt Davy intentionally called her so that she could be the first person to discover his body; he wanted her to obtain clues about his killer. By and by, she got a lead and located a thumb drive, which contained sex photos of a notable, female government official and a male real estate developer. Was Davy murdered because he was blackmailing the lady in the photos? That was a question Mary Jane couldn’t answer yet.

Eventually, after a thorough and risky investigation, Mary Jane learned that Davy wasn’t eliminated for blackmailing, but that the twosome in the pictures, along with …show more content…

For instance, in page seven, “very hard” was written as “very had,” and “my ex-partner, Davy” was written as “my ex-partner Davy.” In addition, I observed a discrepancy. For example, in the beginning of the book, when a scene that revealed Mary Jane writing her own obituary was exhibited, it was indicated that Mary Jane was thirty-eight years old, but later when the same scene was shown in its right place in the sequence of events, it was indicated that she was thirty-five years old. I suggest the author should make available the book to a professional editor and proofreader. A bit of romance was included in the story with no explicit sexual scenes, and that makes the novel more appealing. I’m impressed by the author’s use of memorable days, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, February 12, to show the duration of the

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