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If someone had the chance to create a character what strategies would him or her use to create that character? Victor Martinez’ autobiographical novel, Parrot in the oven, provides an excellent example of the use of writing strategies to create a character. Manny the narrator of this book is a 14-year-old boy who lives in home projects in California with his family including his dad and mom who are Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez, his older brother Nardo who’s full name is Bernardo, his older sister Magda, and his little sister Pedi. The three dominant strategies that bring Manny to life are: dialogue, action and interior monologue. The use of dialogue in this novel views Manny becoming an adult, Manny’s actions showed that he was a responsible and caring individual, and interior monologue was used the most showing that Manny is sensitive.To summarize I will discuss about how Victor Martinez uses writing strategies to create Manny’s character. Victor Martinez uses dialogue to show that Manny becomes the adult of the house. For one thing Manny tells his dad that his mom is in one place while she was in another, “”Where?” Where’s your mother?” he said, stumbling. “Over there!” I yelled, pointing to the other side of Sophie’s house. Dad didn’t even turn to where I pointed. From the corner of his eye, he caught the dark clump of mom running, and ran after her.” (Page 59) not to mention Manny is also the one…show more content…
Using these strategies Victor Martinez shows Manny that he can take charge when needed, becoming the adult of the situation even though he is only 14-years-old. The use of action throughout this book shows that Manny cares and is responsible for himself and for his family. The strategy interior monologue shows how sensitive and shy Manny

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