Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre And Villette

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Charlotte’s growth as a writer grew with time and her talent show cast the world how remarkable her work was. Jane Eyre was a huge hit and people loved it. Now the journey that started was hard to stop. Currer bell became a famous and very common name in the field of literature. In 1848, the Bronte sisters revealed the true identities of the bells. People were shocked and started criticizing her. But the criticism somehow did not affect. She by now has gained so much appreciation for her work that it was difficult for people to underestimate her. She then started socializing to learn more, the techniques, the style, of writing. In 1852 Villette published. Villette is too considered as a self narrated novel. Villette is considered to have two…show more content…
In Victorian age females were educated but more of the female population was forced prostitution. There were very less job options for women so they had only this option to earn their living. But charlotte, very beautifully has opposed this trend and showed that women should study and get good jobs instead of ruining themselves in prostitution. Charlotte had a very difficult childhood and has thus seen the reality of the world. So she was well known with the fact that society would not accept her easily. Victorian age was a society based age. People, instead of growing mentally only developed in technology. She being a Victorian writer had a very futuristic ideology. The way she wrote Jane Eyre and Villette , it is recommendable. Villette straightly criticize the society. Moreover it is a very romantically complex story. Villette touched the heights of success. Charlotte proved that to be a successful and immense writer one should not be a male or female, it’s the emotion that touches a reader’s heart. She wrote not for herself but for the society and for the people. The only idea was to create a mentality that accepts women in an upgraded way. Not as a housewife or a commodity but as a writer, worker and a…show more content…
It looks as if she fought the social evils through writing down her thoughts on a piece of a paper that brought a revolutionary change in the society. Who could have ever thought that a girl would gain so much appreciation because of her prose that too in the epoch when people were in dilemma of their existence. People were confused whether to stick to their religious norms, follow the orthodox mentality or to accept modernism. There were set of rules for men and women both and writing was only a men’s job. It was considered that only men had the brain to write their thoughts and express their views. Women were considered not less than a commodity. It was a male dominated society though. Family monetary needs were supported by men not women. Women were only expected to greet their husbands and make them happy and satisfied. Women were obviously considered inferior to men. Because of this sex had a huge role in every man’s life in that time. Men were known to be as sexually promiscuous. Men saw sex as a stress buster and sex rejuvenated them. Brothels were in fashion. Even married men did not refuse to visit prostitutes. Women were either prostitutes or housewives; they were expected to do no other work. They were actually helpless and had no other option. So in all it is clear that society was very conservative and even corrupt. Moreover they had no issues of their husbands went to prostitutes in

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