Summary Of Violent Media Is Good For Kids

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Analysis of Gerard Jones’ “Violent Media is Good for Kids”
In the article called “Violent Media is Good for Kids,” by Gerard Jones, a renowned comic- book author, argues that violent media can be helpful for children, rather than be overly harmful. Parents aren’t taking the time to look at how helpful violent media could be for their child. Violence can encourage children to learn how to reach for their own inner power that they may have never been able to find before. Furthermore, children as they grow up can learn the positives and negatives of violence, which can help them later on in their future choices. As well as with “creative violence”, this term is correlated to the idea of helping children learn how to deal with rage and even be able to control it whenever life becomes challenging. Even though parents may not see the appeal of letting their children be exposed to violent content, they should consider the positives it can provide for their children. Overall, Jones used logos, ethos, and pathos effectively to persuade the audience that parents need to start protecting their children from being selfish or over powered people, but instead help them with exploring violence in a healthy manner to help them achieve a better persona.
The intended audience for Jones’ article would be parents and teachers. Whoever the reader may be, they can notice that the publisher, Mother Jones, allows articles to be written by staff or other contributors on various topics such as
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