Violet Finch Character Analysis Essay

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Violet Markey is a girl among the popular group whose perception changed after the death of her older sister, Eleanor, for which she feels responsible. Ever since Eleanor died in a car accident, Violet hasn’t been acting or feeling like herself. She quit cheerleading, student council, and withdraw from her friends. She doesn’t take an interest in anything, anyone, and most particularly herself. Theodore Finch is a misfit and has been labeled a freak by his classmates ever since his unusual growth. Unlike Violet, Finch suffers from a mental illness that cause him to constantly think about death and ways to kill himself. He can experience moments that takes him on top of the world and a depression so deep that he can’t even leave his own room.…show more content…
She tries to reach out to him through his friends and family but none of them seems troubled. They pass his behavior off as just the way he is and show little concern until they begin getting goodbye emails and texts from him. In an email sent from Finch to his family, he left little clues as to where they might and could find him. After some time, Violet figures out that Finch had drowned himself at the Blue Hole. In a panic, she drove there and confirmed that her thoughts were correct. On the day of the funeral, Violet wore Finch’s black shirt, a reminiscent of Finch himself and to assure her that Finch is there watching her. Determined to understand Finch’s puzzling and cryptic messages, Violet embark on a journey that will help her see the places Finch had plan for them before his untimely death. Eventually, she manages to decipher the messages Finch had sent her, and at the last location, Finch wrote a song for her. The lyrics speak of Finch’s love for Violet and how she had made an impact on him, even though she wasn’t able to save him. This helps with alleviating the pain, and convinces her that Finch’s suicide was not her fault. Life goes on, and so does Violet. It is now June 20, and Violet is still coping with Finch’s death. However, she doesn’t seem to miss and rely on Finch too much now as “[she] feel a thousand capacities spring up in [her]” (Niven
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