Summary Of Virginia Woolf's The New Dress

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"- that it was not quite right, not quite right, which growing stronger as she went upstairs at her with conviction as she greeted Clarissa Dalloway, "(1) Mabel felt anxious by the time she stepped into the Mrs Dalloway 's party. She took off her cloak, took a look at the mirror and her anxious thoughts started to flow like a river. For the whole time she was at the party, she tried to get confirmed by others about her appearance. Some confirmed some did not. In the end, she got tired of her efforts and anxious thoughts she left the party. What she does not know she bears the anxiety of being alienated and discordant like most of the modernist fictional characters. Virginia Woolf as being a modernist author serves the theme of anxiety many of her works separately. In her short story, “The New Dress”, modern displaced individual 's consciousness is expressed through the dress with the anxiety of unconformity of the protagonist, Mabel.
What Woolf does in the story is to use the dress as a representation of the hierarchical status to reinforce Mabel 's alienation in terms of fashion. In the short story, Mabel affiliates to the middle class with her children and husband who does not have a high ranked job unlike Mrs Dalloway and her guests, yet Mabel participates in Mrs Dalloway 's party. Even though she senses that she is not one of them, the need and the wish in her to be one of them and gain their approval makes her participate the party. Since in the Modern Era, hierarchical
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