Summary Of Vivek Randivé's Weaknesses

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In this chapter, the author claims that everyone should discover what weaknesses they possess as well as strengths. The author Gladwell first uses Vivek Randivé and his daughter’s middle school basketball team to exemplify his claim. Randivé realizes that the teams’ greatest weakness was that they had no experience. When this was realized, Randivé decided to introduce a full court press during all their games because they do not need to be as good as all the other teams in order to play hard defense during a full court press. Usually teams only full court press if they are down in the last couple minutes in the last quarter of a game. Randivé’s team would press every game in order to have a chance of winning especially against good teams. It is not too…show more content…
Hundreds of years ago artists main goal was to get into the Salon, which was where the greatest paintings of all of France went. The artists become little fish in the big pond because so many people are trying to get in to the salon while only a select few get in. It got so bad that artists tried making their own salons to try and get in to the real salon even though it was nearly impossible. The next example the Author uses is how Caroline Sachs was trying to decide whether she wanted to go to The University of Maryland or Brown University. Students think that if they go to a college with a better reputation they will be more successful in life, which in reality isn’t the case. Very intelligent people go to the colleges that have a better reputations so Caroline would be a small fish in a big pond because she is also a 4.0 student. She ended up not following through with the major she wanted because it was too hard for her so she picked a new, not as appealing major. She could’ve chose to be a big fish in a little pond but instead was a little fish in a big pond regretting
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