Summary Of Von Galen's Beliefs

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Von Galen began declaring concerns and writing pastorals, which generated friction among the bishop and the National Socialists. During the summer of 1941 that the friction between von Galen and the Nazis peaked. After a week of traumatic bombings combined with the Gestapo exploiting nuns and priests, the 63-year-old bishop felt obligated to intensify his protests in a big way. Then, he fiercely pointed out an assortment of malicious actions executed by the Gestapo and harshly accused them of abusing their power, causing excessive distress to the people of Germany. Von Galen forcefully called for a true justice for all in Germany. Von Galen states, “I am reliably informed that lists are also being drawn up in the asylums of the province of Westphalia as well of those patients who are to be taken away as so-called 'unproductive national comrades ' and shortly to be killed. The first transport left the Marienthal institution near Münster during this past week.” One week later, at Uberwasser Church (also in Munster), the Bishop connected the multitudes of God-fearing Germans to anvils being struck by the hammer of National Socialism. He said that the youth of Germany were the recipients…show more content…
The first sermon condemning the euthanasia program was followed by two more, which went into greater detail, citing specific cases. Those who were opposed to the dictatorship of Hitler had these three sermons secretly copied by the hundreds of thousands. They were circulated throughout Germany and beyond. Those discovered dispersing copies of the sermons were killed and von Galen’s death was planned for having damaged the Third Reich so harshly. Von Galen continued to work to reduce the anguish of his countrymen through the remainder of the war. He experienced more bombings, a difficult relocation, and ever-increasing
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