Summary Of Wang's Short Story 'Hands'

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Wang’s School Issues: Who is really at fault?
Many times problems have various unique factors. In the short story Hands by Xiao Hong, the protagonist, Wang, did not seem to have a former education because of many factors. Some factors that show this include that her father was not smart, so he probably did not have a good job. She seemed to lack social skills for interacting with her classmates. Wang looked different from working in a textile factory, working there stained her hands and she had old faded clothing. I feel that Wang lacked education because her father appeared uneducated she worked in a factory, and because she did not have the right social skills to fit in with her classmates.
Moreover, her father was an uneducated man. Wang indicated this when she said, “my father’s even worse off than me” (Hong 166). Her father had told her “when he was young, he only learned one character, their name Wang and then only remembered if for a few days” (Hong 166). A lack of an education can make it difficult for someone to find a well-paying job. The family had very little money and saved for a long time for Wang to go to school to receive an education. What little money they had went to food, shelter, and clothes. That is a possible reason for Wang’s issues at school. She also
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Wang had many options and never chose to use the good ones. She had the chance to save her grades and herself by asking for help. Wang never tried to get help and as a result, her principal kicked her out of school. In summary, Wang’s issues are mostly her own fault. Some people such as her principal or father caused some of her issues. Wang lacked the skills to fix her problems. Ultimately, she only has herself to blame. I feel that Wang lacked education because she worked in a factory, her father appeared uneducated, and because she did not have the right social skills to fit in with her
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