Summary Of Warriors: Omen Of The Stars, The Last Hope By Erin Hunter

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In the book, Warriors : Omen of the Stars, The Last Hope, the group of antagonists, known as the Dark Forest, is growing stronger. Those in charge of the group, plan to attack the four Clans, Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, and Windclan. The four Clans want to live in peace, but they can’t with the threat of the Dark Forest looming over them, like a storm rolling in. With the possible danger, all of the Clans are uneasy and are wary of one another. One important lesson readers can learn from Erin Hunter’s Warriors : Omen of the Stars, The Last Hope, is to fight for what you believe in. However, I had originally thought it was to never give up, until I realized the story leads you to the actual theme with more evidence. It may seem like the theme is to never give up since the characters had thought about abandoning trying to fulfill the prophecy. They were tired with not being able to do…show more content…
The Dark Forest is rising,’ Spottedleaf shivered. ‘And Starclan could fall.’” Spottedleaf is a Starclan cat, the dead ancestors of the Clans. In other words, Starclan could be described as the afterlife for cats. “ ‘. . . the Clans face their darkest moment!’ “ (page 124), directly shows that the four Clans were in serious danger because of the Dark Forest. The Dark Forest is a group of cats that have wicked intentions and enjoy killing to get what they want. However, they’ve been training Clan cats in their sleep without telling them their true intentions of wiping the Clans out of existence. The characters were at some point tired with the prophecy,”Why can’t I just think about me for once?” (page 18-19). Even though they were fed up with the prophecy, they had still ended up defeating the Dark Forest. “They’d saved the clans, but Firestar was dead,” (page 329) shows that they had never given up on trying to save the clans from their enemies, the Dark Forest

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