Summary Of We Send Too Many Students To College By Marty Nemko

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What does it mean to be a college graduate and do they really care about your career? In this essay, “We Send Too Many Students To College (2011)”, Marty Nemko’s, asserts, that colleges are a business as well as students are a cost item. Nemko supports his claim by illustrating authoritative quotes with the nationwide survey conducted by UCLA researchers. Nemko’s purpose points out the way colleges misinform high school students who are seeking a degree where sometimes employment is difficult to acquire, in order to collect billions of tax dollars with minimal accountability. Nemko writes in a formal tone to his intended scholar audience with certain knowledge of organizations for further education. On the other hand, Jennie Le’s, essay, …show more content…

For example, “nationwide survey conducted by UCLA titled “Your First College Year” which is data collected in 2005 and 2007 that only 16.4% of students were very satisfied with the overall quality of instructions they received and 28.2% were neutral, dissatisfied, or very dissatisfied” (Nemko 33). It has been said, that many students in their first fiscal college years are not satisfied with instructions due to lack of the teachers qualification, large classrooms and being home sick. He goes on to declare, “colleges make money whether or not a student learns, whether or not she graduates, and whether or not he finds good employment” (Nemko 33). In fact, whether the student passes or fails colleges will obtain government funding or monies, therefore the concerns are limited with the type of education a student receives. With this in mind, Nemko is trying to make undergraduates and parents aware of what universities are offering; how these so called businesses can become very expensive. However, Nemko’s purpose is that colleges disclose improper advertisement [brochures] with misleading information to high school students, whether they receive a degree or

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