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In the Youtube video named “What Teenagers Want You to Know” Roy Petifils talks about how teenagers feel invisible by their peers and adults everyday, and we as people need to change that. Dr. Petifils has worked with teens for over 20 years as a minister, teacher, administrator, school counselor and now as a therapist in private practice. His whole career has been about helping teenagers that have been struggling mentally or emotionally and seek his help in finding out what that thing is that is bothering them. Every time a teenager would come into his office he would realize that they are all be haunted by the same thing, the feeling of being invisible. He uses personal experience that helps the viewers understand the significance of the problem. Although Dr. Roy Petifils has grown out of the terrible adolescent stage of feeling invisible, it lives with him every day of his life. He opens up with a story about going to a butchers place with his mother, who did not tell him why they were there. When they were in the back, he talks about the cows and pigs hanging up and cut open and the butcher is teaching him about how being a butcher works and why they do it.…show more content…
For a while, he thought that this was the best time of his life because he was not going through the pain of being bullied. Then he noticed that the kids were not noticing his existence at all. At 17 years old, he learned a lesson.That lesson is that rejection is not our greatest fear. our greatest fear is to be invisible. That all changed when he went to college and the people were much friendly and didn’t notice his weight. People would talk to him like nothing was going on and they would just enjoy having conversation and hanging out with him. He talks about how good it felt to now be discriminated and just have the attention of existing to other people. Thanks to those people, who he he still talks to today, he loses 300 pounds without

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