Summary Of What The Words We Use Say About Us By David Brooks

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In the Article “What the Words We Use Say About Us” by David Brooks, the author talks about how the atomization and demoralization of society led to certain forms of social breakdown. The author states that societies today have demoralized as people have begun to think about themselves more based on Google’s database. David Brook says that as time has passed, people have become more self-centered, less caring about their surroundings and less humble because of how frequently those words were used in the books published into a database system that has a couple million published books from 1500 to 2008. There is much more to society and its morals than what Google’s database system shows. The fact that there’s a book that uses the words “personalized, I come first or self” more than “tribe, community and united” doesn’t mean that the society today lacks all the morals. The use of those individualistic words can be just as empowering as the use of mutual words and phrases. Changes in a community or a tribe always starts with changing oneself first. The way the books are written today is different from what it was back in the days, just like it will be different in 20 years from now. Phrases and vocabulary changes according to the…show more content…
Some people are more individualistic today because they have been oppressed for too long and they have started to realize that no one can take away their rights. If society was to be how it was in the 1950s then America would still be free and vibrant but not all Americans would be free and vibrant. If America today was the way it was back then, than people of color wouldn’t even get to be a part of a prestigious society with such great morals therefore, there wouldn’t be many societies to “demoralize.” In fact, the morals of society back in the day were worse than they are today. Society today is more independent, accepting, diverse, and understanding than ever before and that’s more important than the usage frequency of

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