Summary Of When The Kids Make You Breakfast For Mother's Day By Kim Foster

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Tiaja Rand
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When the kids make you breakfast for mother's day is a passage written by Kim foster. In the text Kim is reminiscing on the experiences she had on mother's day. Every mother's day her children made her breakfast. She explains the anxiety she had because her children were in the kitchen cooking. She just knew it was a disaster, but she didn’t stop them because she knew they wanted her to feel special.
I am going to be explaining the key points, who the passage relates to, and my views on it. In this passage the author is speaking out to mothers, and the fear they have when the kids are in the kitchen cooking. The author reiterated how nervous she was, and how she was freaking out just
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I experienced many different emotions. Even though I am not a mother, I can relate to how she is feeling because I have siblings. I have 4 brothers and two sisters, and I am the oldest, so you can just imagine what kind of disaster that is. The author does good job describing all the emotions she was feeling on that day. The author did use many different pathos and logos. I believe she didn’t use as much ethos because it was a personal experience. However she did use ethos when describing her memory. I feel that she is a credible source because she is the one who experienced those feelings. In the passage the author uses mostly pathos. She experienced many different feelings such as, happiness, humor, anxiousness, fear, and confusion at some point. In my opinion, the most humorous part of the passage was when the author talked about how her husband went into the kitchen to get whatever the kids couldn’t reach, and her son told him that he can’t cook. The author says, “David, my husband, was relegated to procurer of things from the unreachable top shelf of the fridge- butter, herbs, cheese. He took his orders, fetched what they asked for, and kept his head down. If he even got near the stove, or tried to suggest something about the cheese, or how high the gas was, Eddie stopped him and reminded him that he didn’t know how to cook (this is true) and so he could not offer any advice.’ To me that’s pretty funny because kids don’t have a filter at all. They tell it how it
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