Summary Of Where Angels Fear To Tread

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Where Angels Fear to Tread was written by E.M. Forster. The novel was the first of many others published in his lifetime. Forster was a well known British novelist, essayist, and critic. Born in London, England in 1879 (Beer, 1). He was born Henry Morgan, but an accident at his baptism left him with his father’s name, Edward Morgan. Forster’s father died while he was young, leaving him to be raised by his mother and aunts. Due to an inheritance left to him by his aunt, Forster was able to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. He attended college in Cambridge at King’s College. After graduation, Forster traveled around Europe. This traveling greatly influenced many of his writings (Redd, 1). Forster’s novels also showed the change of people’s viewpoints and morals in the Victorian Era compared to the 20th century (E.M. Forster, 1). Where Angels Fear to Tread was published in in 1905. The story is set between proper England and the beautiful Italy. The book opens up with Lilia, a young widow, traveling to Italy with Caroline Abbott. They leave Sawston, England, a town focused on reputations to the completely opposite town of Monteriano in Italy. Italy is a breath of fresh air for Lilia. She is free from the Herritons, her deceased husband’s family, trying to mold her into a respectable lady of society. Lilia soon falls in love the Italian man, Gino Carella. The Herritons rush to Italy at the news of their engagement, but they are too late to stop the wedding. Lilia soon
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