Summary Of Why Colleges Shower Their Students With A's By Brent Staples

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In Brent Staples “Why Colleges Shower Their Students With A’s”, he claims that professors in colleges in the 1990’s are changing their grading on students assignments so much where that they are just passing out good grades when students don’t even deserve them. Colleges have started to change the whole grading system over the years just to make it look like the students are doing better. For example, “In some cases, campuswide averages have crept up from a C just 10 years ago to B-plus today” (Staples 1). There are many reasons as to why they day this. They often fear that the school will begin to fall and be unsuccessful. There are some courses that aren’t attended much and they don’t want the program to get rid of so they make the classes very…show more content…
Individual professors inflate grades after consumer conscious administrators hound them into it” (Staples 1). Another reason they do this is because many students will threaten that they will give bad reviews on the school if they aren’t given the grades they want: “Writing in the last issue of the journal Academe, two part-timers suggest that students routinely corner adjuncts, threatening to complain if they do not turn C’s into A’s” (Staples 1). Students are taking college so seriously whether it's about money or their grades, it’s getting out of hand. Some students are even suing to get good grades. For example, “Faced with the prospect of crushing debt, students are treating grades as a matter of life or death -- occasionally even suing to have grades revised upward” (Staples 2). Students are very controlling over college. They think that they are getting the education they need because they are getting good grades but really they aren’t learning at all and don’t deserve those grades. For instance, “The argument that grades are rising because students are better prepared is simply not
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