Summary Of Wicked Lovely By Melissa Marr

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Melissa Marr’s first book she has written is Wicked Lovely that won many awards and

had many honors. Wicked lovely is a young adult/urban fantasy/romance novel written by

Melissa Marr. This well written urban fantasy novel is about this young girl named Aislinn who

can see faeries. Wicked Lovely is a well written novel that is for readers 13 and up and the age

range reflects readability and not necessarily content appropriateness.

Melissa Marr did a phenomenal job writing this book. This book is written in the third

person and is focused around the main character Aislinn Foy. Melissa wrote this character as

mortal girl with the Sight, which is the ability to see faeries. Aislinn fears the faeries’ cruelty-

especially if the faeries learn of Aislinn’s sight and wishes Aislinn was as blind to the faeries
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Melissa makes the readers feel as if they are part of the story, bringing them in with the

characters and drama, making the readers wish it was their life that they were reading. Wicked

Lovely was originally written as a short story,(“The Sleeping Girl”) before Melissa decided to

expand on her work in order to further develop the characters. A teen girl has the unique ability

to see faeries “hidden” in the human world. She is suddenly pursued by a faery king who thinks she might be the missing queen with the power to save not only the entire faery world, but the

mortal world as well. A teenage girl is pursued by a faery king in hopes that she can save
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