Will And Grace Theme

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I will discuss the following themes firstly, ‘’Will and Grace’’ in Judeo-Christian myth of ‘’The Fall’’ it is the one dominant stories in literature , this myth provides the answer of how the universe was made and how humanity began and it is based on clear classification of good and bad, innocence and experience, Like Adam and Eve, who exist in a condition of grace before the Fall, Since Lyra "fell"— grew up, began desiring knowledge—individuals picked up the privilege to choose how they need to live. In Pullman's reality, this privilege is extremely attractive, yet it means that everybody needs to live without grace and without the solace and protection of a higher force.
The second theme is ‘’freedom through knowledge’’ The most hostile
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From the earliest starting point, then, sex and knowledge have been interlaced. The church of Pullman's fiction especially protests sexual knowledge and looks to shorten sexual movement trying to keep grown-ups from getting to be autonomous masterminds. Lyra's "fall"— the proto-sexual experience this is gravely harming the points of the Congregation. In taking part in a sexual relationship, Lyra grows up and surrenders the innocence of her adolescence. . After Lyra's choice, everybody will have the privilege to develop and settle on autonomous choices without dreading the rebuff of the Church.
Symbols in Northern Lights are objects, characters, figures, or colours used to represent abstract ideas or thoughts, Daemons, the external expressions of individual’s souls, take shapes that symbolize their owners’ character, Feeding Because His Dark Materials is in few ways a retelling of Adam and Eve’s fall from grace, Pullman focuses the symbolism of feeding one’s lover as Eve fed Adam. Lyra and Will, receiving food symbolize physical pleasure and mental
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