Summary Of Will Nostalgia Destroy Pop Culture

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“It 's funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you watch them on a screen.” Anthony Burgess. Most people will agree that watching movies can be more entertaining than the daily life. Sometimes it is because they relate to the actor 's lifestyle in a movie, or because it makes them feel various emotions. Other times, movies can give inspirations or motivations to reach more success in the real world. Regardless, the most common cause of people’s adoration to films is that they link the presented events to a specific time in their lives. Most films, especially the classics, are being constantly watched or remade to remind people of their childhood or “the good old days” that they do not want to forget. To illustrate, many people still watch the animated Cinderella movie to re-live their…show more content…
That is why today’s directors and producers are altering this well-known tale. Recently, Kenneth Branagh directed the new Cinderella movie (2015) using the same plot as the original version (1950), but with a different tone . Furthermore, Simon Rogers explains how the American culture is overhauled by a sense of nostalgia and how culture is repeating itself in his article “Will Nostalgia destroy pop culture”. By “Nostalgia” he means the urge of someone to remember the past by doing the past activities the person used to do back in the day. In Rogers’ case, the activities are as simple as watching a classic movie, listening to the old jams, or remodeling old events. In the article, he focuses on how music, in particular, has stopped evolving lately due to people’s obsessions of the past. During Salon 's phone interview with Rogers, Salon asks many questions about the

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