Summary Of William Golding's Evil Influence

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Countless works of literature have mused on the complex struggle between the human characteristics of greed, selfishness and treachery and the edifice of morality and reason on which human society is built. Often times this struggle is characterized as a battle between the forces of good and evil, good being the desire to help mankind and evil the desire to do the opposite. George MacDonald’s poem “Evil Influence” follows this trend in its title and subject matter, describing the terrible nature of evil that precedes violent deeds. While William Golding’s Lord of the Flies primarily explores the natural state of man contained by the walls of society, the presence of its titular being

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...brings up the idea of something sinister influencing the boys’ actions on the island. Using the poem as a field guide for finding the signs of evil influence, and assuming the beast is something inside the boys that is awakened by the island (seen by how bad the kids already are and stuff- pg 28), we can break this down following the poem.

Tis not the violent hands alone that bring
The curse, the ravage, and the downward doom,
Although to these full oft the yawning tomb
Owes deadly surfeit;

So here we’re leading in to the evil influence behind the “violent hands”, but for now, let’s focus on the “violent hands” themselves. This is the most obvious part of the whole evil thing because you can directly see the evil deeds done, unlike the whole influence behind it. This would
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