Kirk Mcgarvey Character Analysis

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Kirk McGarvey is the featured character in the techno thriller Kirk McGrvey series of novels by David Hagberg the popular American novelist from Minnesota. The first novel in the series was Without Honor that was first published in 1989, before it spawned more than a dozen more titles.

Kirk McGarvey the protagonist of the novel series is an ex CIA agent who had been trained to fight the Soviets for years before he fell out of favor. He lost his job during Jimmy Carter’s presidency after the bureau phased out his type to make way for a gentler kinder type of intelligence officer. The former spy is now spending his mid-forties running a bookstore in Europe.

The first novel in the series “Without Honor” kicks off with the hijacking of a plane on the way to Cuba, a situation that leaves four CIA agents among four other people dead. The CIA lacks the necessary expertise to investigation and bring the culprits to book but knows of a man with special skills to do just that – McGarvey.
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The novel is a crazier version of the Tom Clancy novels with an insane plot full of fast-paced action and romance. It starts with a man infiltrating the American embassy in plain sight of the personnel and security with the help of a false identity. The man is a KGB agent Arkady Lurshin who is in the embassy on a mission to plant bombs that are sure to bring down the embassy. Meanwhile, the man he is impersonating is whiling his time with one of his lover with no clue of what is happening at the embassy. He arrives just in time when the impersonator has left leaving him saddled with accusation of being responsible for the attack. The fireworks follow as he finds himself roped by the Russians into a plot to sabotage an American Iranian diplomatic overture. He will have to catch the impostor or else cooperate with the Russians and betray his country to get out of his
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