Summary Of Wrath's Phassus Five Of Piers Plowman

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In Phassus 5 of Piers Plowman, Wrath is undoubtedly willing to confess, as well is sincerer about its confession than Gluttony is. Since Wrath was once a Friar, its believable that it can still become religious again and would strive to genuinely repent its sins as well, due to an instilled training or belief of religious morals that are often enforced at an early stage of development. Furthermore, a bartender easily persuades Gluttony to enter a tavern when it should have been heading to repent, Wrath never faltered or intended to miss its confession. Also, Wrath’s confession is longer, which means Wrath thought deeper about what it did wrong and seemed truthfully contrite. Not only does Gluttony’s confession happens while it is ill and hungover from getting intoxicated the night before, but due to those actions Gluttony manages to commit two other sins, in which Wrath does not. As a result of that occurrence, Gluttony seemed to wish to conclude the confession quickly and thus it did not honestly care about being abolished of the sin of greed. Therefore, Wrath is more serious and sincere about the confession. Firstly, Wrath was a former Friar, as shown on line 135 in the poem. Clearly, this means Wrath remembers what it is like to hear repentance and to spend time in the church holding service during the past. This religious aspect of itself shows that Wrath would more likely feel guilty for sinning and would seek to correct its wrongs and come back to its faith,

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