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1. Unlike Janie’s previous husbands, Tea Cake treats Janie with compassion and respect. In addition, he loves Janie for her personality instead of her looks and her role as a woman (housewife). 2. The speech characteristic that Tea Cake encourages Janie with is truth. He is honest when he declares his feelings to Janie, and he has no intentions of hurting her for his own benefit. Chapter Twelve: 1. The town does not approve of Janie and Tea Cake’s relationship. They believe that it is too sudden for Janie to be involved with another man when Joe just passed away. 2. Tea Cake is offering Janie the chance to follow her dream again, and to follow “her horizon” and obtain “her pear tree”. 3. She means how Tea Cake taught her how to talk all…show more content…
Tea Cake asks Janie to work on the field. However, Tea Cake’s intentions differed from Janie’s previous husbands because he wanted Janie to work with him so that he can spend some more time with her. He always missed her when they were apart. 3. “Only here, she could listen and laugh and even talk some herself if she wanted to. She got so she could tell big stories herself from listening to the rest.” Chapter Fifteen: 1. Nunkie tried to interfere with Janie and Tea Cake’s relationship. As a response, for the first time in the novel, Janie becomes jealous. 2. Janie is furious and does not hesitate to share her rage with Tea Cake. This reaction of hers was different with her previous husbands because she was not expressive with her emotions. Instead, she remained silenced. Chapter Sixteen: 1. Mrs. Turner is racist towards the black community. Surprisingly, she is a black woman herself. She believes that white people are superior to the black race. She is different from Janie because did not mind people. In fact, she loved them since her husband was black. Mrs. Turner would have been suited for Logan Killicks because he was a white, wealthy man. 2. Mrs. Turner hated Tea Cake because he was black, especially because of his darker
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