Summary On Lost In The Barrens

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The title of my book is Lost in the Barrens. It is a fiction book by Farley Mowat that contains 244 pages. The main characters are Jamie Macnair, Angus MacNair, Awasin Meewasin, Alphonse Meewasin, Peetyuk Anderson and Denikazi. Jamie lived in Toronto at a private boys school,he is fifteen years old and goes to live with he uncle, Angus Macnair. Jamie gets used to Awasin and becomes good friends with him. Angus’s nephew is Jamie. He is great friends with Alphonse and works in the fur business. Awasin Meewasin is a first nation whose father is the chief of the Cree tribe. Awasin went to a residential school then came to live with his dad. Alphonse is Awasin’s father. He is the chief of the Cree tribe and is a good friend of Angus. Peetyuk is the son of a white man who married an Eskimo woman. Peetyuk is trying to find white men, the people of his fathers. Denikazi is the chief of the Denée. He is trying to find caribou for his tribe. This book is about two young men who get lost in a big piece of land called the Barren lands. When Jamie’s uncle Angus and Awasin’s dad Alphonse go out on a…show more content…
They have no food, no water, no shelter and no way to contact anyone to come help them. With the fear of getting caught by Eskimos (the eaters of raw flesh)! The climax is when the boys get caught up in the Barren lands with nothing to keep them from getting snow blindness, nowhere to stay for shelter and no water or food to keep them fueled for their journeys. The resolution is when Jamie and Awasin find Peetyuk, an Eskimo boy who is searching for the people of his father (The white men). Then they head off with Peetyuk and another Eskimo, to find their way back to uncle Angus and Alphonse. The conclusion is when Jamie, Awasin and Peetyuk reach uncle Angus, Alphonse and the rest of the Cree tribe. They will never head out to the Barrens by themselves ever
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