Summary: Portrayal Of Life In Malgudi

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Portrayal of Life in Malgudi R.K. Narayan penned down a set of short stories focussed on the trial and tribulations of a fictional small town of in India. It is a town habited by timeless characters who could be living in any part of this world and is located on the banks of a river and surrounded by hills. It is a landscape, a locale, imaginative yet alive. It is basically originated from Narayan’s own original imaginations. It represents India in a very minute, subtle and microscopic form. Moreover, this is a genuine hero of all the works done by Narayan in his entire lifetime and also he was successful in portraying Malgudi as a microcosm of our nation. It truly reflects the conditions and problems of the early decades of twentieth century India. He voiced the emotion of his age directly or indirectly in his fictional works. One can find a realistic representation of India of the contemporary times. This fictitious region is woven in such a smooth thread that it creates a fine fabric. The characters of this town were people from his childhood, whom he met everyday, who were his acquaintances. He created it in such a manner that every Indian could eventually relate to. Those loved and shabby streets of the town, the theatre, the hair cutting shops, people he met everyday, people he knew, people he was friends with, people he had never met or who were strangers to him were all the characters in this place. This place takes us to laugh, to share and to sympathise. Life here
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