Summary: Post Traumatic Stress Crisis

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In todays’ schools, students are exposed to violence, trauma, and disasters and schools need to be able to plan ways to prevent and intervene when such event happen. Fortunately, not all school deals with crisis and emergencies, but emergencies can look different among states. For example, there are urban and subrane areas that are expose to natural disasters such as earthquakes or tornados and the emergency plan may look different, because the need is different. Students are effected tremendously due to natural disasters and can suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as there is a mixture of feeling, insecurity, and instability and these events can impact student’s progress in schools, therefore, school counselors need to be aware…show more content…
School counselor understand the child’s developmental stages and understands that children can be impacted differently depending on their developmental stage. Riley (2000) mentions that school counselors across the country are being included on crisis teams, which range from those that plan for the managing of the school violence crisis to those that are actively involved in recovering from such a crisis. According to Stone and Dahir (2016) whether you believe a student is serious about suicide or not, the expression of suicidal ideation is a cry for help and should never be ignored but should be reported to parents (p. 164). When students disclose to school counselors a suicide thought, it is the school counselor’s responsibility and duty to inform. This type of crisis cannot only impact the student who disclosed such thoughts, but also those around the student. School counselors should not work on this type of crisis by themselves, instead, this should include the school’s administrators, and parents. Parents should be aware of any harm their child have on themselves or others. Stone (2013) explains that a suicide assessment should be a tool to underscore to parents/guardians the urgency of the need to monitor their child and get their child professional help. The school counselor’s role is to help parents/guardians find available resources to help suicidal students. A suicide crisis should never be underestimate and as a precaution, school counselors err on the side of caution and inform the parents or
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