Summary: Predispose To Bullying In Nursing

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Healthcare environment can also predispose to bullying in nurses due to the scarcity of resources, restructuring, work stress, high patient turnover rate and patient acuity levels (Rodwell & Demir, 2012, p. 15-16). Personality traits having the pathological narcissistic characteristics with a desire to dominate may factor into bullying. Sometimes, a cyclic victim-perpetrator behaviour from past experience comes into play (Pincus et al., 2009). Lacking interpersonal skills where a staff may lack ability to cooperate with others (Croft & Cash, 2016). Position in the power hierarchy A lower position in the power hierarchy in health care may predispose nurses to increasing aggression among themselves. (Eagar, Cowin, Gregory & Firtko, 2010,

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