Summary: Psycho Keeps Girl Hostage

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35-year-old Fred Akins is an apathetic person, he shows no interest in anyone and doesn’t care about the world and what’s living in the world either. Currently Fred has been caught holding a girl hostage, she has gotten free and sent him to prison. Fred is being unbearable and difficult towards the cops, he would not talk responsibly and swear at them all for the fun of it. A word to describe how Fred is behaving is TERRIBLE! Fred is mocking everyone at the police station while he laughs at the thought of being prisoned, a troop of monkeys are more well behaved then Fred. “HA HA” shouts Fred before his mug shot, he has driven everyone insane! Fred was all over the news as Psycho Keeps Girl Hostage, before he went into bars he shouted, “tell
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