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The story of Renault is first and foremost the story of a man with an unusual destiny. The adventure began on December 24, 1898, when Louis Renault took up a challenge to drive his A-type Voiturette up the steep Rue Lepic in Montmartre, Paris. The exploit won him his first 12 orders. The company continued to grow as Renault began winning road races. (1)

Renault in the early part

Their first large success came with the 4CV; the little 'everyman's vehicle' especially discreet and inexpensive. According to Renault, “small cars were the best way to revive the country's automotive industry”. Its mass production began just after its launch continued up through 1961. (Renault, 2014)

The Renault group is
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The sedan’s sales plummeted to 5,332 units in the last fiscal year ended March 31, 2009. Consequently, the JV lost about INR 5 billion ($110 million) during the fiscal year. (5) So, the JV with Mahindra was not a success as it did not seek people’s choice in India as well the new running models by other competitive brands. The cost of the final product can also be the factor of the failure as most of the components in the car were basically imported, which in turn made the price of the car a lot expensive.

The Comeback

In May 2010, Renault-Nissan's Oragadam plant was started catering both the global partners. Built with a total investment of 6,100 crore, the plant caters to both domestic market as well as a number of other global markets. The plant, which also has a research and development wing adjacent to it, has created 12,000 direct and 40,000 indirect jobs. (6)

The first few products it rolled out from the new plant were positioned as "image drivers". The initial launches of the new evolved Renault were premium sedan Fluence in May 2011 and premium SUV Koleos that September. Both were assembled at the Oragadam plant from imported kits. Its next offering was the Pulse, a compact car launched in January 2012. Renault's focus on restoring its image in
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Renault the French automaker started off car production in the early 1900 had basically the European market in scope. In 1999, Renault had made an alliance with Japanese automaker Nissan, giving birth to Renault Nissan Alliance. Renault thought of entering into India as India being an emerging market for many new companies from abroad. Initially took the approach of Joint Venture with Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd but that did not succeed as the market was not known well and even the main aim of people satisfaction was not done.

The second phase of Renault in India came when in 2010 it joined its global partner Nissan in India. They both had a plant in Chennai and started of production with new premium models like Fluence & Koleos (the premium cars of Renault). Later on, their most famous car Duster came into market which actually made the most of their brand name keeping in mind the Indian mentality of low price and better luxury. Sales of Duster were so high to compensate it one time Renault had the production of 1 Duster in every 3 cars it

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