Summary Response Of The Birthmark By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Summary Response of “The Birthmark” In the short story “The Birthmark” (Literature and the Writing Process 2016), Nathaniel Hawthorne tells you about the plot. And it was about how Aylmer was a scientist who became so obsessed with his wife Georgiana’s birthmark. And he started to consume his life in trying to remove the birthmark to make her perfect again. The overall theme of this short story was about how obsessed Aylmer became about taking Georgiana’s birthmark off. And he felt she was imperfect with her birthmark which was in the shape of a hand on the side of her face. In “The Birthmark”, Hawthorne shows how the destructive and deadly effects of emotional abuse can really affect someone.
Throughout “The Birthmark”, Hawthorne speaks about the main characters being Georgiana. And the setting takes place in the latter part of the last century. And the conflict would be where Aylmer doesn’t like Georgiana’s birthmark that’s shaped like a handprint and he wants her to have it removed. The rising action is where Aylmer became too focused on Georgiana’s birthmark and he seems to be the only one who finds her birthmark as an ugly thing about her. But all of Georgiana’s family says that she’s beautiful but Aylmer said that she’s almost perfect and her only flaw was her birthmark. Later on, Georgiana gave in to Aylmer and let him attempt to remove her birthmark. The climax is where Aylmer became obsessed with his job as a scientist. And Georgiana noticed how he became
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