Summary: Social Work As An Integral Profession

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This is a summary of the journal “ Social Works as an Integral Profession” written by Heather Larkin. In the journal, Heather describe social work as a profession. The main center of the social work is to provide service to the vulnerable people in the purpose of promoting social well-being. Social work practice is guide by knowledge, skills and values on helping service users to improve their social function, their ability to interact with and relate to others within their social contexts.
Since the establishment of social work, it had been a comprehensive career and keep on develop across the time. Social Diagnosis the first social work textbook written by Mary Richmond in 1915 offers the basis for the casework tradition in social
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According to Heather, Integral Theory is the most suitable framework in social work practice. A social worker may apply the Integral theory in ecological approach in order to have a better understanding of their service users. Integral theory provides individuals and organizations with a powerful framework that is suitable to virtually any context and can be used at any scale. The Integral theory surpass the theory before as it include all other social work theories neither micro or macro.
By related the Wilber’s work which are All-Quadrant-All-Level, the four quadrants which are “I”, “It”, “We” and “ Its”, indeed it provide different framework for social worker to view the problem of service users. These four quadrants represent the aspect of reality interactions between person and their environment, and how it evolves together as well as helps social worker to understand the interaction between the interior and exterior of the individual within their social relationships with others and their environment.
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The views of medical social worker and nurses are different due to different scope of profession. Medical social worker view the situation of service users holistically and understand the needs of service users compare to nurses as well as they use themselves as a tool in order to help the service users to solve their problem. By applying Integral theory, it provide a framework for social worker to understand and deal with service users from different

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